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SG22 Shiraz Gin

Our own Three Little Birds Distillery signature gin has been combined with late-harvest single-block Clare Valley shiraz grapes from Jeanneret Wines. We have enhanced our signature gin with some additional botanicals of orange and star anise, to ensure the shiraz grapes are given their best opportunity to shine.

We have worked closely with owner, Ben Jeanneret and wine makers Harry and Sarah to select the right grapes which were picked late- harvest to provide that extra bit of sweetness. They have helped us to identify how to enhance their shiraz grapes with our celebrated Signature gin, to balance the sweet late harvest shiraz grapes, ensuring the flavours achieved a sensational palate experience.

We have been there every step of the way, the picking, pouring the gin into the lightly crushed gapes, tasting it (multiple!) times across the process, and putting it through the wine press. Check out the gallery to look at some of the photos taken to capture the experience.

This is a decadent gin smooth on the palate and which you can enjoy neat, over ice, and if you have a meal in mind, it would pair well with spiced meals such as a gutsy curry or a delicious roasted beef or lamb.

Whilst waiting for labels to be finalised, we have been able to provide tastings at our venue in Mile End, South Australia. We have been blown away by the positive feedback and love for this full- bodied drop which “isn’t quite gin and isn’t quite wine”. People absolutely love it, and we have just sent it off for tasting and review by a panel of expert gin connoisseurs who are forming a “Australian Gin Guide”. We are hopeful to receive the recognition that we feel this gin as well as others in our range deserve.

So excited that it is now ready for purchase and for you to get your hands (or taste buds!) on.

All our gins are hand-crafted ferment to bottle.

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Shiraz gin, 2022 or we have given it the nickname SG22. We have partnered with Jeanneret wines in the Clare Valley to create this phenomenal Shiraz gin.

Our SG22 Shiraz Gin is made using a unique blend of botanicals and has been combined with late-harvest single-block Clare Valley shiraz grapes.

This gin boasts a sensational colour, smooth on the palate and the discerning gin drinker may be able to identify tones of orange, blackberries, all spice and liquorice.

Ready to purchase now, and will be in your hands within 8-10 working days if you wish to have it posted to you, or virtually immediately if you want to collect from our venue in Mile End. This will not last long, get in quickly!

Available NOW!

All our gins are hand-crafted ferment to bottle.

1 review for SG22 Shiraz Gin

  1. Alan (verified owner)

    It was a little difference at first but it quickly became my favourite Gin. Just purchased 2 more bottles, well worth giving it a try.

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